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About Us

At Tumble Tikes, we provide a fun and safe environment for kids and families to build healthy habits through gymnastics. Our experienced coaches are dedicated to helping children develop their physical abilities and self-confidence.

Why Choose Tumble Tikes

When you're FREE, you can play. And when you are PLAYING, you become free!
At Tumble Tikes, we believe that physical activity is essential for children's growth and development. Our gym is equipped with age-appropriate tumbling equipment and facilities to provide a fun and engaging experience for kids of all ages. Our team of qualified coaches is passionate about helping children 
reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Creating healthy families, living fit, and having fun!

Meet Our Coaches

Our coaches are experienced and certified professionals passionate about helping kids develop their physical abilities and build self-confidence. Please get to know our team below.


Coach Kim

Gymnastics & Fitness Coach

Coach Kim is the lead coach + founder of Tumble Tikes, coaching gymnastics for over 30 years and mom of 4. She is dedicated to creating a positive and supportive environment for children to learn & grow.


Coach Tia

Toddler Tumbling & Party Host


Coach Dana

Adv. Gymnastics & Yoga Instructor

Coach Tia is a former gymnast, track competitor, and mom. She is passionate about helping children improve their coordination and agility while having fun.

Coach Dana is a yoga and gymnastics trainer. She brings her expertise and passion to every class, helping children develop their flexibility and creativity.

What Parents Say

“My kids love coming to Tumble Tikes! The coaches are amazing and always make sure they have a great time while learning new skills.”

— Emily’s mom

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