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"Active play gives children the chance to practice what they are learning!"

Tumble Tikes Party + Play Gym is a fun and active way to build healthy habits for kids and families. Whether you are ready to party or play, Tumble Tikes is the gym for you and your family to have fun and stay fit. Take a look at the video below and learn more!

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Next Session: Coming back in Fall 2024

High-intensity meets low-impact in our new challenging fitness classes designed for all levels. Our Barre + Cross Train Boot Camp classes combine elements from traditional yoga, sports conditioning, cardio intervals, and even Pilates to strengthen and lengthen every muscle in your body. You can bring the kids while you work out with our qualified instructor; they play in the Tumble Tikes gym and have a blast!

Our Classes

At Tumble Tikes, we offer a variety of classes for children of all ages and skill levels. Our experienced coaches provide a safe, supportive environment that promotes healthy habits, making new friends, learning new things in a super fun way, and builds confidence.

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Tadpoles + Mighty Tikes

Our Gymnastics Basics class is perfect for walkers up to 4-year-old beginners and focuses on building foundational skills like balance, coordination, and strength. Join us with your child and watch their confidence soar!  Tadpoles are walkers - 2.5 yrs/adult. Mighty Tikes are 2.5-4 yrs/adult.   See Schedule Here.

Froglets + Leap Frogs

For kids who have mastered the basics, we offer more Advanced Gymnastics classes where they can continue to build on their skills and challenge themselves without an adult. Our experienced coaches will guide them to success! Froglets are 4+ to 7 yrs, and Leap Frogs are 7-9 years old without adults. See the Schedule Here.

Gymnastics, Kids, Play Gym, Maine
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Tunes for Tikes - Music Classes 

We are thrilled to have Amanda Panda from KindKids Music on Tuesday mornings at Tumble Tikes and Mrs. W starting on Friday mornings and Tuesday afternoons. KindKids Music is a unique blend of fun and education designed to inspire and teach children the joys of music while nurturing strong family and community connections. Our morning classes are great for crawlers up to 4 years old, and the afternoons are for 4—to 7-year-olds.   

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Tumble Tikes Team

Our experienced coaches at Tumble Tikes Party + Play Gym are passionate about helping kids build healthy habits through gymnastics. Join our team and watch your child grow in confidence and skill!

Gymnastics, Maine, Kids, Play Gym
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